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In a world where physical storefronts meet the digital landscape, imagine a captivating sc

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About Ovi

About Us

  • Hi there,I'm Ovi, the person who brought Serenix to life. Born out of a genuine passion for connecting brands with their audiences, Serenix isn't just another digital marketing agency. It's my vision for a more connected, impactful advertising world, where your brand's story is told in vivid colour across the digital landscape.

Why Serenix? It's Personal.

  • From the beginning, my ambition has been more than just launching campaigns; it's been about making a difference—one business at a time. The digital world can be daunting, but I've always believed in the power of personal touch. That's why at Serenix, we dive deep into understanding what makes your brand tick. Whether it's Meta (Facebook) or Google Ads, we're not just about clicks and conversions. We're about crafting stories that resonate, inspire loyalty, and build communities.

A Journey of Discovery

  • My journey hasn't been about chasing metrics. It's been a road of discovery—learning that the real magic happens when strategy meets sincerity. In the crowded digital arena, I found that genuine engagement and strategic storytelling are what set a brand apart. This revelation is what shapes our approach at Serenix.

Our Special Sauce: A Blend of Passion and Precision

  • Serenix stands on the pillars of passion and precision. Our knack for Meta and Google Ads isn't just technical—it's personal. We see beyond the data to the people behind the numbers. Our campaigns are tailor-made, reflecting your brand's essence while ensuring it shines bright for the right audience.

The Promise of Visibility

  • With Serenix, visibility is just the starting line. We employ the latest strategies and tools to ensure your brand doesn't just show up—it stands out. Through careful keyword optimisation and strategic ad placement, we guarantee that your message reaches those who need to hear it most.

Beyond Business: Building Relationships

  • What I cherish most about this journey are the relationships built along the way. It's not merely about business transactions; it's about partnering for success. I'm proud to say many of our clients have become friends, sharing in our mutual growth and successes.

Let's Craft Your Success Story Together

  • If you're looking for a digital marketing partner who values your success as much as you do, I'd love to chat. At Serenix, your digital success isn't just our goal—it's our commitment.

Our Happy Clients


Don't Let Competitors Outshine You

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Working with Serenix has been fantastic for me at Easy Waste Disposal. We're seeing more customer enquiries, and our online presence has never been better. These guys are great to work with!

Florian, Easy Waste Disposal

Serenix revolutionised our recruitment process. Their strategic Facebook Ads campaign not only increased the number of applicants but also elevated the quality of these candidates. They've been a game-changer for our business

Alexi, ATMK Logistics.

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